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9pm - 10:00pm: Noisesense w/ Bob Anderson

Title: noisesense

Title: Solitaire
Artist: Marina & The Diamonds
Album: Froot (2015)

Title: 55 Main
Title: sergio mendoza station id
Title: Cat On A Cold Slate Roof
Artist: Joe Topping
Album: The Vagrant Kings (2015)

Title: Lucy Fairchild
Artist: Howlin' Rain
Album: Mansion Songs (2015)

Title: mission statement Elizabeth 2-2009
Title: I Believe In You
Artist: Martin Sexton
Album: Mixtape Of The Open Road (2015)

Title: Atlas
Artist: Lady Lamb The Beekeeper
Album: After (2015)

Title: Ayla's Song
Artist: California X
Album: Nights In The Dark (2015)