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Album: Rough Guide To The Music Of China

Title: Silaihuar
Rough Guide To The Music Of China (2003)

Title: Bisbee Beverage-Lori
Title: Ly-O-Lay-Ale Loya: The Counterclockwise Circle Dance
Artist: Sacred Spirit
Album: Chants And Dances Of The Native Americans (1994)

Title: The Song Of The Gypsies (To Tragoudi Ton Gifton)
Artist: Eleni Vitali
Album: Rough Guide To The Music Of The Gypsies (1999)

Title: Quartet 15: Ii Serenade Adagio
Artist: Fitzwilliam String Quartet
Album: Shostakovich String Quartets 14 & 15

Title: Megjottunk, Megjottunk
Artist: Iren Lovasz
Album: Vilagfa (1995)

Title: Annie's Song
Artist: Henry Mancini
Album: Starlight Piano P1

Title: Quase Memoria
Artist: Chico Buarque
Album: Cambaio (2001)

Title: On Painted Wing
Artist: R. Carlos Nakai
Album: Carry The Gift (1988)

Title: Brother Gildas/Calliope House
Artist: Boys Of The Lough
Album: Rough Guide To Scottish Music (Second Edition) (2003)