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Couldn't I Just Tell You
Game Theory
Album: Real Nighttime

Title: Couldn't I Just Tell You
Game Theory
Real Nighttime (1986)

Title: Don't Leave Just Now
Artist: Wussy
Album: Funeral Dress Ii (2011)

Title: Little Queenie (Live at the Playhouse Theatre, 1964)
Artist: Kinks
Album: The Anthology 1964-1971 (2014)

Title: kiwichicasfinal
Title: Consolacao
Artist: Nara Leao
Album: Brazil Bossa Beat!

Title: CQCH 2-Peter
Title: My Love Is Down
Artist: B.B. King
Album: One Kind Favor (2008)

Title: No Letting Go
Artist: Taken By Trees
Album: Open Field (2007)

Title: Jeepster
Artist: T. Rex
Album: Any Major Glam Rock (1971)

Title: The Day You Take One (You Have To Take The Other)
Artist: Marvelettes
Album: The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 7: 1967 (1967)