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5:30pm - 6pm: Counterspin

Title: Counterspin

Title: Bread
Artist: Laura Mvula

Album: The Dreaming Room (2016)

Title: HighDesert-ludim
Title: A New Day
Artist: Notations
Album: Eccentric Soul Vol. 6: Twinight's Lunar Rotation (Disc 2) (2007)

Title: Ruby Red
Artist: Hanging Stars
Album: Over The Silvery Lake (2016)

Title: Slow Show
Artist: Cœur De Pirate
Album: Trauma (2014)

Title: Marys In India
Artist: Dido
Title: They'll Never Last
Artist: Uther Pendragon
Album: San Francisco Earthquake (Cd2) (2016)

Title: La Marabina
Artist: Sacri Cuori
Album: Delone (2015)

Title: Stealin'
Artist: Johnny Young
Album: The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions (2007)